PA Public Land Protector Patch Hat

Are you a Pennsylvanian that cares deeply about protecting our public lands? Are you mindful of packing out when you pack in, staying on the trail where applicable, and leaving no trace?


Wanna blend in with your surroundings with a nifty camo design?


Represent your passion for conservation with this thoughtful patch designed by our very own Doug Huegel and hand sewn onto a 5-panel camo hat. 


This patch cap is in the distinctive shape of a keystone and features mountain/pine tree icons. On the top it reads “conservation is key” before displaying the title of “public land protector”.

It has a gridded, forest green camo pattern. The leather patch is hand-sewn on with chocolate thread. Size is one-size-fits-most, but has a plastic snapback. Material is mesh and lightweight.



  • (1) 5-Panel Soft Structured Camo Ripstop Hat
  • Handsewn Leather Front Patch w/ chocolate thread
  • Handsewn Branded Leather Side Patch w/ chocolate thread
  • One Size Fits Most
  • 100% Cotton


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PA Public Land Protector Patch Hat