Huegel Handcrafted Turkey Pot Call

Just listen to Andrew send that call over the hills in the video above!


We couldn't be more proud of this call. Andrew went through a plethora of different wood types, designs, and experiments before settling on the perfect sound. Needless to say, we are moving on from all of our old mass-produced pot calls we've used in previous years for the Spring Turkey Season.


Our pot calls are made with a walnut base that Andrew custom-routed on his CNC router.

The striker was also made from the same walnut. Its design was hand-shaped by Andrew on his lathe.

The face is made out of repurposed acrylic. Doug designed the branding and graphics on the front which Andrew then etched with a laser engraver. There's a hand-sanded section under the artwork to send that beautiful turkey call into the wilderness with the striker.


  • 3.5"W x .75"H reclaimed walnut base
  • 7.25"L reclaimed walnut striker
  • 3.25"W acrylic striking face over 3"acrylic
  • 8 holes were cut into the base to project sound 


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Huegel Handcrafted Turkey Pot Call

  • For every Huegel Handcrafted Turkey Pot Call sold, we will directly send $5 to the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (

    The NWTF's mission is "to guarantee all Americans quality places to hunt and fish. We unite and amplify our partners’ voices to advance America’s legacy of conservation, habitat, and access."


    As hunters, it is our duty to give back from what we take... even if we don't come away with anything at all. It is the mission of Huegel Handcrafted to give back to conservation, wildlife, and our Public Lands. We will continue to release products with the aim of raising money for nature-focused organizations.