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It Takes a Village

The Huegel Code: work hard, be kind,  help one another


Our Story

Every year, brothers Doug and Andrew would look forward to PopPop Huegel’s toasts on Christmas Eve.


This is when he'd remind his honored guests exactly "what life was all about”–hard work, good food, and helping your neighbor. It’s said that in earlier years, he’d share stories of each individual family member’s recent accomplishments before raising a glass. That was, until the family grew so large he couldn't keep it brief enough!


Afterwards, the Huegels would then exchange handmade gifts that reflected each of their own unique crafting talents: carpentry, leather working, sewing, candle-making–even skincare products!

In later years, the brothers would go on to pursue separate careers outside of Lancaster County.
Doug established a successful graphic design company in Philadelphia, and Andrew began a taxidermy business after completing an active duty enlistment in the Marines.


But as time passed, they both found themselves drawn back to the simplicity of these family virtues: diligence, tradition, kindness, and togetherness.


When both of their paths brought them back to the pastoral countryside they loved so much, they felt called to unite and continue the Huegel legacy with a company founded on the very values that made their family so creative, close-knit, and strong. Thus, Huegel Handcrafted was born.

Our Process

Our goods are truly made with goodwill. We are intentional about every last piece of leather, wood, and thread that we source–buying from small local businesses when we can and making sure scrap wood doesn't go to waste.

When it comes time to craft and assemble our products, we make it a family affair: multiple generations of Huegels, friends, and partners gather in PopPop's woodshop to lend a hand, telling stories about working on the farm, deer hunting, and taking canoe trips down the Conestoga.

And most importantly, when the day is done, everyone sits down to eat together.

We like to think that because of this, the goods you receive are an extension of our family. Every time you buy a product from us, we hope it reminds you of the Huegel code: work hard, be kind, and help one another. And we hope you carry out those acts yourself, to pay it forward.

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